At Precision Dental Designs, we scan, design, and mill restorations with the most modern Zirkonzahn® CAD/CAM scan and milling system. The computer driven 5-axis milling unit ensures that restorations are milled with the highest degree of precision each and every time. Our expert technicians compliment the CAD/CAM system with their artistry and experience, in order to guarantee a restoration that boasts both precision and esthetics.


  • ZirkonZahn 5-axis M1 Mill
  • ZirkonZahn 5-axis M5 Mill
  • Wieland Mini Mill
  • Precisio M200 Mill


  • 3Shape D2000 Scanner
  • 3Shape D800 Scanner
  • 2 ZirkonZahn Exocad Scanners

3D Printers

  • Formlabs Printer
  • Moonray D Printer
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