CE Events

CE Events

Continuing Education Has Never Been So Wild

Alaska is renowned for its wilderness and wildlife. Thanks to the Alaskan Academy of Dental Technology (AADT), we can now add top-of-the-line, continuing education courses in the dental industry to that list.

As the continuing education force of Precision Dental Designs, the AADT offers a myriad of courses throughout the year for both dental technicians and doctors. Many of our courses give you the opportunity to earn CE credits. Course topics include:

  • Treatment and case planning
  • Hands-on technology courses for cosmetic and implant dentistry
  • Analyzing current processes and trends

Nowhere else on earth can you receive the finest instruction on all things dental and have over 200 million acres of public lands at your fingertips. Alaska is the ultimate site for staff bonding, boasting of 15 National Parks, 16 National Wildlife Refuges, the two largest national forests in the United States and an unlimited supply of unforgettable memories and adventures.

Yet it is the technology, experience and knowledge of Precision Dental Designs and its AADT that transcends the geography and beauty of Alaska. We are dedicated to the industry and to your success.


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